We are a family of six from Norway. We spent four nights on Shenifer and Shorn's boat and has an absolutely fantastic time!!

The key is to have the right expectations. The boat contains all you need.Air conditioning in the boat, a TV with Netflix and free WIFI was a pleasant surprise! 

Shenifer and Shorn were extremely helpful. They picked us up at the airport, took us to the grocery store and helped us get settled in the boat. They were very responsive to our suggestionsand wishes and brought us all back to the airport when we left.

The water in the Exumas is crystal clear, and Captain Pat knows all the great places to visit: Pig Beach, Iguana Beach, turtles, diving into grottoes, stingray petting, swimming with the sharks and more!

Staniel Cay is close to most of the main attractions, the swimming pigs, Thunderball Grotto and pettng real sharks. Make sure to go there! Stop at any secluded beach you like, see an underwater piano, beach in a grotto and maybe dolphins if you're lucky.Shorn brought hs fishing rods and we caught four barracudas! Fried barracuda for lunch tasted really good:) With the boat, you can access all this without the need for ridiculously expensive tours and you have all your gear, shade and fod with you at all times.

Make sure Captain Pat takes you to Hoopers Bay to see the turtles. Marvelously beautful place! Also make sure he brings some squid to feed them so they'll stay with you for a while.While in Elizabeth Harbour, anchor off Chat n Chill for lunch (very relaxed and hippie like place, they prepare conch salad at the beach) and to pet the stingrays. The kids loved it! 

There are some snorkeling opportunities, starfish beach and sand bar, but we didn't get around to it all.Four to five nights should normally give you enough time.

In summary, this boat gives you direct access to some absolutely fantastic attractions,with local guides included in the price. Just keep your expectations of the boat moderate and you will have the vacation of a lifetime:)


The staff behaviour was superb and very helpful. The internal appearance of the houseboat was good. A.C , wifi and tv worked excellent. The complimentary toiletres were good and all amenities were in great working condition. I recommend this experience to other guests. I am sure you would not be dissappointed!


The host was very friendly. The food was very delicious. The appearance of the house boat was very beautiful.  There was no delay in check in and check out. The basic amenities worked properly. The house boat was value for the money spent. I would most definetly recommend this to other travellers. It was a once in a lifetime experience! most definitely would do again!


The entire experience was fabulous, beautiful houseboat with all amenities. It is a beautiful experience to spend the entire night on a boat. Everything was great!